A vision becomes reality. The first truly universal environmental data measuring device: GreenCorder



A new device

Imagine you would have the opportunity to measure the environment around you with regard to ozone, electrosmog, fine dust, carbon monoxide and radioactivity at any time and completely independently!

In addition, you could of course query all weather data such as temperature, air pressure and humidity as well as the values of methane, butane, smoke. The built-in Doppler radar detects objects and people through walls or snow and is also capable of measuring speed. Having a night vision and a thermal imaging camera with it additionally would be almost cheesy.

The highlight, however, is the spectral analysis, with which you could examine suspicious or funniest of unsuspected substances!

You will be supported by the powerful software of your GreenCorder, showing the currently interesting data and supporting you in handling and independently drawing conclusions from all measurement results. It knows about general and national environmental data limits and makes handling the GreenCorder easy, fast and convenient!

The described vision should not remain one, because we‘ve already planned it - GreenCorder!



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The issue

Environmental sins are committed daily, by the thousands. Many of them can be measured and proven, but the necessary tools are almost never at hand when you need them.


The solution

Your pocket knife is on the way more valuable than the toolbox at home. Similarly, there should be a handy and affordable device on the go, with which each of us can check the environment at any time!


The Device

GreenCorder is as handy as a small book and with a strap for hanging.

Its battery can last easily 10 hours of continuous use, you can charge it like a smartphone.

Although it does not require internet connection for operation, it‘s WIFI capable.

Cordering the World

GreenCorder is creating a worldwide overview of measurable and demonstrable environmental sins.


Just have a look at our Worldmap!

The Specs

GreenCorder provides 25 sensors.

And that's a lot! Amazing things can be done with it!


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The software also allows full remote control of GreenCorder via web interface.

The device can be mounted on a camera tripod or a drone enabling options like measurements from the air or stationary operation.

"GreenCorder is exactly what we all have been waiting for"



GreenCorder will be available soon!

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