Learn more about GreenCorders sensors and capabilities

Tech Specs

     20 x 15 x 7 cm


     Operation: IP 43

     Idle:            IP65

Tripod Thread

    ¼ inch 20-speed UNC

    according to DIN 4503 

    (SLR standard)

Power Supply
     USB-C 5V/2A

Battery capacity

     about 8 hrs operation

Operating Temperature
     Operation: -20 - +65C

     Idle:            -55 - +85C

Display & Switches

     4,2 inch, 1440x960 px
     16 bit color
     Touch type: Resistive
     Backlight: LED

     Number: 10
     Quick access to important 

     Assignment freely

     configurable via web



All measured data are permanently recorded and graphically displayed. If preset limits are exceeded / undershot, GreenCorder automatically gives alarm.

Due to combination of sensor readings additional data can be gained. Learn more about this innovative technology!


All measured data can be exported. This is also possible if an Internet connection is not or only temporarily available.


The system is powered by Linux, application software is open source.

Environment Data

     Range: -40 to +80 C

     Range: 3% to 100% rel

Actual air pressure

     Air pressure or sea level

     ranging -500m to +9000m

Sound pressure level
     IEC-61672-1 Typ 2,

     31,5 Hz - 8 kHz, 30-130dB

Ph Measuring

     Range: 0 to 14 pH

     Temp range: 0 to 60 C

     Accuracy : +/⁻ 0.1 pH

Air composition

Methane, Butane, gas
     Naturalgas, bottled gas,


     Measurement in ppm

Carbon monoxide
     Measurement in ppm / Vol%

Carbon dioxide
     Measurement in ppm / Vol%

Particulate matter

     Measurement in DU

Imaging Sensors

Optical night vision camera

8 MP camera with switchable infrared lighting up to 20m, may also be used as a "normal" camera.

     64x48 Pixels, 110x75° field

     Range -40 - +300°C

Spectral Analysis

The spectral analysis sensor determines the spectral composition of substances and GreenCorder displays them as curves comparing them with known patterns.

Thus, within certain limits, rapid analysis of samples can be made by comparison with already stored curves.

GreenCorder performs curve comparisons automatically and displays the results with the best matches.

Radiation Sensors

     Geiger-Müller Detector 

     valve type SMB-20

     0.014 – 144 mR/h

Magnetometer / electric field measurement
    Range +- 8 oE, 0,01µT

    directionality 1-2°

    Evaluative: 1V/m


Active Sensors


     can be switched off

     Range 20m



Cordering the World

On request, data from a measurement can be published.
It is possible to comment your published data.
In principle, publishing is done anonymously.
Published data is collected and freely accessible.
This will create a worldwide overview of measurable and demonstrable environmental sins.


Lighting equipment

     Range 100 meters

     up to 24 hrs on level 1

Warning light
     Yellow flash light

     2km visible

     up to 300 hours

Sensor Compartment

Housing the Ph-sensor

Expansion Port

     Connectivity for add-ons



Real time clock
     Battery powered

     Duration 3 years

     approx. 1 sec / year

GPS module
     Allows you to tag all

     metrics with exact

     time / geolocation.



Amplifier & Speaker

     5W PMPO

     Siren signal for emergencies

     120 db(A)